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Updated mascot for local company.

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Long before SpongeBob there was C.C. the Sea Sponge.

Colker Company has been in business since 1974, supplying Pittsburgh companies with the best in janitorial needs. But what they were really known for was the niche area of window washing and equipment, specifically sea sponges. They would travel to the Caribbean and select the best local people to find and harvest them. This is why C.C. the Sea Sponge was born.  He did a great job in promoting the company, but 40 years later he was ready for a facelift.  This is where I came in. Contacted by George Co Advertising, the idea was to bring C.C. up to date, revamp the logo and celebrate the history of Colker. The project started like most others, pencils sketches and some color comps. After a few versions the all new and improved C.C. was decided and finished up. Putting him up front on the great new logo and used on advertising, promotions as well as new graphics for their fleet of trucks which they deliver sparkle and shine to Pittsburgh.

Dave Klug