medium illustrations

The Hartford Courant has been a great client for many years; they are always open to my ideas. This image accompanied a story about Ivy League School admissions and the difficulty in that process.

Changing Jobs

"The Five Year Itch." Research shows that people in the work force are more likely to change their job choices within the next five years.


Being the team member that I am, I was happy to run with the idea of technology on the gridiron for another Hartford Courant story. Here are a few of the characters within the illustration.

John Smith

The Wall Street Journal called about a story on how to maintain credit cards; this was my illustrative solution that ran in the paper and online.

City Paper Cover Page

Pittsburgh events tabloid City Paper highlighted the Three Rivers Film Festival and asked me to illustrate the cover. I had a great time playing with the shapes and colors to express this concept.


This ran on the back cover of Clubhouse Jr. Magazine showing good and bad behavior.
It's a jungle out there!


This was created for a coloring book on the history of my hometown; Mount Lebanon, PA, where coal mining was prevalent.

Rental Cars

This story was about buying used rental cars. The use of three transparent colors can go a long way...

box guy

Protecting yourself in the electronic age can be quite complex.

twitter house

The profession of residential realty has also been taken into the cyber world with listings available for clients on their smart phones.


Takata creates robotic software and hardware for safe driving. To recruit the best from Universities this disc was given out as a promotional item to their respective Ultimate Frisbee teams.


This illustration about G.M.O. (Genetic Modified Organisms) appeared in Better Nutrition magazine.

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