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Highmark Mural

I was commissioned by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mullen to create a new mural to be installed in the Consol Energy Center, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. It shows Pittsburgh and surrounding areas and the commitment and presence by Highmark in the region. The mural was created digitally and its final size measures 78' long by 16' at its tallest. For a more detailed account of the process, check out my blog under the Illustration/Highmark Mural category.

Highmark Mural

Highmark mural shot

Highmark Mural and Dave

Highmark mural applied

Zoo rough

I was commissioned to create an interactive under sea puzzle for the Pitssburgh Zoo & Aquarium.
This is a detail from an initial pencil sketch for client approval.

Highlights Mural

Highlights Mural Applied

Highlights Mural Sketch

Highlights has been very generous to their artists, throwing a huge weekend party for them and their families. As part of the weekend a dinner and Square Dance complete the celebration. I was commissioned to create this huge Hidden Picture mural depicting Boyd's Mills and the new conference building.
I contacted the Guiness Book of World's Record, but they didn't seem to give it much thought.

Highlights Mural Flat

Highlights Mural Flat

Sea Collage

Here is the finished line work done in Illustrator, so it can be sized to any dimension without losing detail.

Sea Collage Applied

This is the finished applied piece. Line work was dropped out of a dark blue background. Interactive touch screen computers are also used in this display to teach kids about species and keeping our oceans healthy.

Colker Logo before/after

This project started out as a logo character update, used mainly for web and print communications for Colker Cleaning located in the strip, and working with George Co Advertising. Colker was the premier sea sponge supplier for window washers on the East coast and had C.C. the Sea Sponge as their mascot in 1974, long before SpongeBob.

Colker truck mockup

Once again because of using Adobe Illustrator, I was able to enlarge the artwork with no effects from pixelation. Created not only a new C.C. but new designs for their small fleet of delivery trucks.

Colker Truck Applied

Here I am with my new pal, C.C.

Mural Stacked

Primanti Brothers Restaurants based in Pittsburgh are almost famous for their sandwiches constructed with the fries and cole slaw IN the sandwich. More than 20 years ago they hired me to complete a mural in their Strip District flagship location. Consisting of the famous Pittsburghers and the pride we have for them. This past year I created a new one for use in their Oakland location. Consisting of 3 walls and measuring 35' long, I have a stacked version here to help see it all.

Franco Harris detail

Close up of Franco Harris on the mural.

Sidney Crosby detail

Here is a group Pittsburghers. Sydney Crosby, Zachary Quintos and Bruno Sammartino.

Plant Heroes website/ bad guys

The actual illustrations are not large in size but the scope of the project is. The American Public Garden Association had the idea to spread knowledge about plant life and invasive bug species to young people through a website. Enter the Plant Heros, not only were the characters developed but also a small army of bad guy bugs. A series of games and 8 comic pages were created to tell the story of specific bug problems and helping to solve them.

Plant Heroes Team

Plant Heroes team

Plant Heroes Comic

Plant Heroes comic

Animal Friends Black Ties

I was very happy to be named the Honorary Artist for the Animal Friends Black Tie and Tails fundraiser. The theme of this years event was "Real Housepets of Pittsburgh." A friendly trio that included a dog, cat and a rabbit were illustrated in a series on a great adventures across the city. The illustrations were showcased on everything from the invitations, billboards, t-shirts, ads and came to life the night of the gala with projections on the walls, chair paintings, and in the beautiful flower sculptures. Dave's art was also part of both the live and silent auction! We are so proud to be part of this great organization and excited to say the evening raised over $400,000! Animal Friends is a non-profit companion animal resource center serving the needs of pets and people since 1943. Their programs include humane rescue, shelter and adoption services for over 2,500 pets annually, humane education, pet behavior classes, pet-assisted therapy, wellness programs and more. For more information, visite

Animal Friends get tattoos

Animal Friends get tattoos.

Animal Friends do yoga

Animal Friends do yoga together.

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